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“I remember my first cycling holiday. It was in the Loire Valley, in Autumn and I reached the camping at dusk. The following morning, when I unzipped my tent, the Amboise Castle appeared to me like a sort of figure floating in the mist. That first time by bike was great: the pleasure of cycling in the sun or through the fields, surrounded by nature was an amazing way of visiting new cities and regions to me.
I had found cycling so different from hiking, the measured and almost introspective way of discovering places that I loved so much and that I still think everybody should try. During that first tour, something special happened: I realized that I loved exploring places by bike!”

Immediately after that first trip, we decided to include some cycling tours in the little brochure we used to publish for the Summer season. More than 30 years have passed since then, and every single year we keep increasing and improving our tours. Thousands of people have travelled with us, discovered new ways of spending their holidays and visited extraordinary places.
Our warmest thanks go to all who have travelled with us across the years, who keep following and supporting us with their renewed enthusiasm at every new season.

Thank you for having followed us all along this long and adventurous way, full of surprises, of new things and ideas.

 Verde Natura Team

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Our idea of value.

In our catalogue, you will never find excessively low prices. These often hide uncomfortable and off-track hotels or poor services. Our commitment, instead, is to offer you holidays at a competitive, yet fair price, only choosing service providers and facilities that fairly compensate their employees and collaborators and which run their activities in compliance with our standards and all relevant laws of their countries. In creating our range of proposals for your holidays, we thus always take the utmost care in offering you the best value for money option.

We like to do things in the right way and with our style. We put into practice all our long-time experience and attention to grant you a wonderful experience while travelling with us. Moreover, we are committed to following you in each step of your vacation, from choosing the right itinerary before leaving to all needed assistance while you are away. And once you are back, too, our job is not over yet. Thanks to your comments and feedback, we work every day to keep our quality standards as high as they are.

Logo Booking SicuroYour holidays are safe with us!
Our tour operator is guaranteed by BookingSicuro, in accordance with Art. 50 of the Italian Code of Tourism for consumer protection

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