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Travel App MyEasyRoute

MyEasyRoute: your virtual tour guide

Myeasyroute is an application able to transform your smartphone into a reliable tour guide, allowing you to travel actively across Europe in complete safety and serenity.

With Myeasyroute you won’t need any GPS, maps or complicated route notes. Your cell phone will turn into a tour leader that will always be at your side during and after your outdoor adventures adventures.

How does it work?

After having purchased your Verde Natura hiking or cycling trip, you will receive, together with your travel documents, a voucher allowing you to freely download your travel itinerary. As soon as you’ll reach the chosen destination, MyEasyRoute will start guiding you, showing you the route, services and highlights we have selected for you.

Find out more in this tutorial (pdf):

Download the tutorial of the app myeasyroute in pdf

Why is travelling with MyEasyRoute so cool?

You’ll save time and effort.

No more time spent in front of a croossroads struggling to decipher maps or route notes.
No unnecessary weight to carry: all you need to live the perfect travel experience is in your smartphone.
Once you have downloaded your travel itinerary, the app will geolocalize you using the GPS of your phone and positioning you on the map. From now on it will start guiding you along the itinerary, showing you the route to follow together with highlights, recommended restaurants, hotels and anything in the surroundings that could be interesting or useful. And remember: MyEasyRoute works in offline mode, allowing you to save data and energy.

You’ll travel safely.
MyEasyRoute uses OpenStreetMap that offers constantly updated maps with a greater level of detail, compared to any other map available at the moment.

A more fulfilling travel experience.
The digital format allows us to include much more content, such as descriptions, reviews, information, than in an analog roadbook, giving you the chance to enjoy the freedom of a self-guided tour together with the knowledge of the places you can normally acquire when you travel in group with a tour guide.
Highlints and services are represented by simple icons, wich are often clickable, taking you to highlight descriptions, restaurant reviews, photo galleries, contacts, websites and so on. In some cases, you will even have access to audioguides.

Maximum travel satisfaction.
Now you can start your journey leaving all your worries behind!
With Myeasyroute you will be free to enjoy landscapes and details of your cyling or hiking adventure without any distraction and in complete safety.

Call us at +39.059.680035 or write to info@verde-natura.com, we will be glad to assist you!

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