At 39 x 6.5 m the Flying Dutchman took to the water in 1903. The rebuild of the former herring lugger took place in 2004 and included the addition of 10 comfortable guest cabins each with shower and WC and the salon on the main deck with its cozy seats. The impressive sail size of 480 sqm makes the journey from island to island to a very special sail experience. Of course the captain welcomes the active help of his guests when it comes to rigging the sails. The Flying Dutchman provides 11 functionally furnished cabins, 10 of them are equipped with a bunk bed. One cabin is equipped with two bunk beds and ideal for guests, who travel in groups of three or four. All of our cabins offer an all-in-one shower and a private toilet. The Flying Dutchman offers a small wardrobe and a small, open shelf for storing your luggage. The temperature in the cabins can be regulated by the central ventilation system. The salon is (alongside the kitchen) the heart and the soul of the Flying Dutchman. On two large tables you can enjoy the meals, which chef Jan conjured in his small galley and sit together in good company. Get a fresh drafted beer at the bar, and help yourself at the refrigerator, which of course can be used by all of the guests. Just give a record of what you had in a provided list – the rest is settled in the end.The exterior of the Flying Dutchman offers plenty of space, which is required for the act of setting sails. With good weather conditions, meals can be served on the three tables on the main deck. A trustful and relaxed atmosphere are on the agenda of the Flying Dutchman and the charming chef Jan always finds some hardworking volunteers, who take part in cutting the vegetables…and also when it comes to setting sails there is always a crowd of people, who is willing to take the reins, so that everyone eventually and proudly enjoys the ride under full sail.