Already from the year 1897 the TIJDGEEST sails with tourists, in the early years as a passenger ship on the river Rhine in Germany. More than 100 years later, in 1998, the ship has been completely renovated and rebuild into a nice hotel ship.
The Sarah, with her length of 45 meters and width of 6.6 meters, is a comfortable and cozy passenger barge. During the conversion of the barge from cargo vessel to passenger barge, the owners of the Sarah decided to choose quality instead of quantity.
The Quo Vadis is a cozy, comfortably furnished boat, built in 1939 and remodeled for passenger service in 2005-2006. You'll enjoy the warm hospitality of the captain and crew.
Since May 2014, Marco Pouw and his wife Astrid, will be the new owners of the ship Clair de Lune
The MS La Belle Fleur is a former cargo ship, built in 1929. In 1993 the ship was converted into a passenger barge, and during the winter of 2011-12 the interior was completely remodelled and brought up to date. La Belle Fleur is about 115-148 feet/35-45 meters long and complies with the strict safety regulations of the Dutch Shipping Inspection Authorities.