The Sarah, with her length of 45 meters and width of 6.6 meters, is a comfortable and cozy passenger barge. During the conversion of the barge from cargo vessel to passenger barge, the owners of the Sarah decided to choose quality instead of quantity.
The Quo Vadis is a cozy, comfortably furnished boat, built in 1939 and remodeled for passenger service in 2005-2006. You'll enjoy the warm hospitality of the captain and crew.
The ORCA is a cozy passenger ship for small groups. The living room has a small bar and a separate seating area. From the living room you have direct access to the foredeck..
The MARE VAN FRYSLÂN was built in 1960 as a freight ship and was then completely renovated in 2006 and has been used since 2007 as a beautiful, almost extravagant, three-mast schooner on Dutch waters at home.
The 63 meters (209 ft) long and 7.10 meters (23.3 ft) wide barge was built in 2015/2016 and as many as 35 guests can be accommodated on board to enjoy a very pleasant stay during their tour.
The MAGNIFIQUE is 63 meters long, accommodates approx. 32 – 35 guests, sails under Dutch flag and management and was completely modernized in 2010 and extended with 14 meters during winter 2012/13.
The Lena Maria started her new life as a passenger ship in 2006. This ship was built by Hans de Lange, who had previously built and operated similar vessels.
This motorboat offers 10 double cabins with bunk beds and 2 quadruple cabins. Each cabin is equipped with private services.
The cabin deck of the JELMAR was completely renovated during the winter 2006/2007. On the lower deck of the approx. 40 meters (123 ft) long JELMAR, a maximum of 20-22 passengers can be accommodated.
For over many years the ‘tjalk’ JACOB, is sailing the Dutch waterways. This ship can accommodate many guests and is “nicely priced. Maximum 24 persons can be onboard on the 7 cabins with shared showers and toilets.