Rekindle Romance On the Road

Are you thinking about how to Wow! your partner? A road trip just might be the answer.

The US Travel Association published a two-page report stating, “Couples who travel together have healthier, happier relationships compared to those who do not.” The report provides data from a survey of couples who travel and don’t travel.
The results revealed that couples who travel together are able to communicate well, feel closer after sharing new experiences and say that travel ignites romance. On the other hand, couples who do not travel together, say that their conflicts usually go unresolved and they wish their partners had more free time. Unsurprisingly, the divorce rate is higher amongst couples who do not travel.
It’s easy in our appointment-driven society that our romantic relationships take a back seat. Daily routine, busy schedules, work commitments and our kids’ activities usually take pole position.
Well, it’s time to rev-up your engine and plan a trip that will help you reconnect with your partner and bring you closer.

The Destination

Selecting a destination together is a great step towards defining common goals and desires.
Choosing a destination seems almost impossible, but you can easily narrow the choices down:

  1. Choose a meaningful destination. Where was your favorite movie filmed? Experiencing the real location can be magical for both of you.
  2. Perhaps you or your partner have international heritage you would like to explore. You can learn about the country and culture of your ancestors together.
  3. Be adventurous! Go somewhere new. Ask friends for recommendations and pick a destination out of a hat. Play ‘Spin the globe’ and randomly pick a destination.
  4. An iconic destination like Paris is always charming, but don’t underestimate the beauty of the English and Dutch countryside or the North of Italy.
Couple cycling

A cycling or hiking adventure can encourage support and unity


You may need to fly to your main destination, but while you are exploring, you may want to consider transportation options that will bring you closer together.
Traveling by car gives a couple alone time and an intimate space for meaningful conversation. On the hand, the stress of driving in unfamiliar territory may be counterproductive. Train is a great way to travel. Some European trains are still retro style and give a real sense of being on a journey. A cycling or hiking adventure can encourage support and unity. Long rides or walks in the countryside offer natural intimacy and beautiful memories.

Couple on the Amalfi Coast

Every experience can be an opportunity to bring you both closer together

Setting the mood

You may find glitches in the itinerary, get stuck in the rain or run into delays, but don’t forget about the intention of the trip. Every experience can be an opportunity to bring you both closer together and find new ways of working out problems. Find ways to create new sparks and share new experiences. If you are on a guided tour, ask the tour leader to recommend a small bistro where you can sneak off to for a candlelit dinner. On self-guided tours, stop and take the time to watch the sunset. Ask about festivals where you can try local folk dancing and delicacies.

Travel diary

Try something old – keep a handwritten diary and document your journey in a notebook

Making your trip memorable

With cellphones and compact cameras, it is so easy to document our lives with a snapshot and an upload. Try something old – keep a handwritten diary and document your journey in a notebook. You will find that writing words will not only be relaxing, but it will also help you remember the details of your trip later. Keep ticket stubs, stamps and other keepsakes from the trip to make a scrapbook along with your photos and diary entries.
Whether you decide to go near or far, a getaway with your sweetheart is a sure way to ignite romance and create long-term benefits for your relationship.

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Article by Celia Abernethy –