Creating tours is our job, but have you ever wondered how all this is done?

  1. Gather and mix up these essential ingredients: curiosity, taste for adventure and a pinch of fantasy.
  2. Follow the inspiration of the moment and point your finger on the world map.
  3. Once the destination is chosen, plan and design the trip on the map.
  4. Pack some sports clothing, a GPS and a notepad.
  5. Start exploring!

No need to say that the most thrilling point is definitely n°5.
So how about joining us in this exciting stage of our work?

Main features of our Discovery Tours:

  • The total amount of kilometers for each daily stage may slightly vary from what is stated on the program. The situation on the ground may sometimes differ from what is represented on the map, so diversions from the planned itinerary could be necessary. The eventuality would increase the total amount of kilometers to cycle.
  • There is only one departure date for a Discovery Trip.
  • The same trip will never cost you less than this. The exploration stage is essential to us while designing new tours, but it is also an economic investment. Involving you in Discovery Tours gives us the possibility to cover the costs, but as we cannot ensure that 100% of the stated program will be respected, we do not apply any markup (our profit margin, just to be clear) to the final price. As soon as the tour will be put in our catalogue – that is from the following departure date onwards, this special price will not be available anymore.

Are you wondering whether this kind of trip is right for you or not?

  • YES
    • If you have a taste for adventure, but you don’t want to give up on comfort. It is true that stages can vary a little in terms of kilometers, but it is also true that we previously selected and booked all the hotels included in the trip. This means that the accommodation for the night will never be a last minute solution, as the chosen hotels respect the accommodation standards we guarantee in all our tours. In addition, a Tour Leader will be there the whole trip to guide and assist you and our minivan will follow the group along the route carrying your luggage from one hotel to the other and providing support whenever is needed.
    • If you have a minimum of training in cycling, as the daily stages may vary slightly from what is planned in the program.
  • NO
    • If you are not fit at all and in order to manage your energies, you need to know exactly what the cycling plan of the day is.
    • If you do not love change of plans and unexpected events.

Doubts and questions are haunting you?

Call us at +039.059.680035 or write us at, we will more than happy to help you chose the travel that perfectly suits your needs.

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