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Agatino R.
Viaggio perfetto. Grande professionalità a bordo dell'imbarcazione, tour leader competente e misurato. Luoghi meravigliosi e a portata delle nostre gambe.

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Verde Natura is the tour operator that offers since  more than twenty years bicycle trips in Italy and around Europe, in the best seller destinations for those who love active holidays. Bike tours and trek excursions or bike and boat proposals which do not give up with the convenience of hotels, motels and cottages at the end of the daily stage. Historical destinations such as Italy and France, with bike routes on the bike paths of the Castles of the Loire or the Danube. The Netherlands by bicycle or on foot along the paths of Provence or Santiago trail. Travelling in a group accompanied by experienced guides or self-guided tour, also with special proposal planned for families.

By bike

bike tripAll around Europe on pedals, itineraries by bike usually taking a week during which the slowly rhythm of your going-on will let you enjoy each moment of your journey.
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Bike and boat

family tripA trip which combines land and sea, in search of natural treasures and cultural heritage which you can discover along the coast on board a caique.
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TrekkingHiking… we think about it not only as an activity to be performed on hills or mountains but especially as a more human and direct way to stay in contact with nature and visit places.
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For families

family tripCreated for families, to suit their needs. Itineraries, stages, timing, are planned so that children, whatever their age is, can enjoy their time and discover new places.


WeekendLong week-end itineraries to move within natural, cultural and gastronomic resources of hidden Italy, out of classical circuits.

Our partners

Our partnersOur partners, companies, special equipment for trekking or cycling that we recommend, because tested by us and by our guides during the tours. Materials and equipment choices for you that will accompany you on your holiday.

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Trips which combine sea and land to search natural treasures and cultural heritage that you can admire and discover only from coats